Pacific Coast Judges Association

A non-profit organization


The Pacific Coast Judges Association: 

  • Adjudicates competitive pageantry from local parades to events of national scope. 
  •  Assigns a panel of qualified judges to work within the specific needs of your event.
  •  Will work with you to achieve the shared goal of staging a successful, memorable event.
  •  Provides you with completed score sheets and final results for your categories of competition.
  •  Assures professionalism and expertise with each of its judging panels.
  •  Comes to you with over 30 years of experience judging more than 9,750 competitive events.



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PCJA is currently seeking applicants (only in Northern and Central California)




Statement of Judging Criteria

Band Review and Parade Music judging is an authoritative evaluation of a unit’s performance. The general aspects of Music Adjudication are performance, musical quality, effectiveness, and entertainment value. Qualities considered include tone, intonation, musicianship, precision, articulation, balance, expression, dynamics, and appeal

Visual and Marching Units
The Visual Judge evaluates the performance of color guards, drill teams, musical marching organizations, and their auxiliary units. These include flag teams, majorettes, I.D. squads, and more. The primary areas evaluated are content and design of the routine, excellence of execution and technique, the effect of the presentation and the entertainment value

Baton Twirling and Drum Majors
Baton Twirling and Drum Major entries are judged on the excellence of presentation, including variety, difficulty and routine construction. Performance qualities such as technique and accuracy are considered, as well as entertainment value and showmanship. Precision and uniformity of style are assessed in group entries. In addition, Drum Majors are judged on leadership skills.

Floats are judged on design, including balance, artistic imagination and the effectiveness of color combinations. Materials and workmanship are considered, as well as the presentation of a theme and overall appeal. The manner of propulsion (i.e. towing vehicle, self-propelled) is regarded as part of the float’s appeal, as well as the personnel and costuming that enhance its presentation.

Novelty and Miscellaneous Entries
The primary criteria for novelty and miscellaneous entries, including automobiles, is their entertainment value and appeal as parade entries. Care in the entry’s preparation, community involvement, consistency of theme, personnel, and costuming are considered.


Pacific Coast Judges Association

is proud to announce our Consultant Service

What does this service include?
PCJA provides a consultation meeting with one of our judges to help you update and streamline your event’s: Awards List, Entry or Application Form, Parade Lineup and Formation of your Parade Rules

PCJA is interested in your event!
Advance planning with solid guidance results in a successful parade, band review, or other event. PCJA can help with that early organization, keeping mindful of the unique qualities of your event!

What is the fee for consultation?
A fee of $120 (USA) is paid to Pacific Coast Judges Association at the time of the consultation. At that time, you will be presented with a credit certificate for the same amount which can be used to discount the contract price on your next event.

In this way, your consultation is free to you! 

How do we schedule a consultation?

Our consultant will meet with you, your representative or your committee in your town at a date and time scheduled to your convenience.